Welcome to a new kind of racing: underground, secret-hand-shake, tell-no-one time trials. Fortunately for you, you're part of a select few that are privy to the information, so pay attention:

The Vagabond Time Trials is a series of three trail run segments. You will register before knowing all of the routes. Once you've submitted your registration and $40 for the whole series, we will give you all the info you'll need. Each time trial will be held on the first Sunday/Monday/Tuesday of every month. You will have from Sunday morning until Tuesday noon-ish to run the course, which will be anywhere from 1 to 8 miles long (typically a point to point, so good luck figuring out how to get back). You will need to create an account on Strava (totally free) and log your run either on a GPS watch or through a Strava app on your phone. If something malfunctions and your data is skewed, write a detailed report as to why this happened and we will submit it to a panel of judges to decide your fate. Since the winner gets the highest award of bragging rights, we want to make sure everything is fair. The Tuesday evening after each 30 hour time trial window, we will meet from 5-7 pm to recognize the leaderboard. Your first beer is on us!  You ready to wander, vagabonds?


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