The Game

(A Backyard Ultra, A last-man-standing race)

April 11th (Saturday) 7:00 AM

Ball Farm, 30 min southeast of austin, TX


2019 Results:

95.84 miles (23 loops) : Meding, Trevor (our last man standing!)

91.67 miles(22 loops) : Houser, Joshua

83.34 miles (20 loops) : Moreno, Gerardo & Rabb, Scott

79.17 miles (19 loops) : Leon, Iram

75.01 miles (18 loops) : Cassidy, Steven & Brondum, Matthew

66.67 miles (16 loops) : Cook, Art & DeLaFuente, Gerardo & Marino, Albert & Palmer, Jerry

62.51 miles (15 loops) : Carr, Dena & Hammel, Jason

54.17 miles (13 loops) : GermannMiller, Megan & Gilbertson, Eric & Mehok, Pete & Pate, Ryan

50 miles (12 loops) : Gibson, Glen & Weaver, Buffy & Thompson, Brad & Trujillo, Kirk

41.68 miles (10 loops) : Gerteisen, Kevin & Lawrence, Will

37.50 miles (9 loops) : FreemanTanner & Nicholas, Marc & Roberts, Ryan & RomingerScott, Leanne

33.34 miles (8 loops) : Chung, Elaine & Grant, Steve & Hatch, Rich & Towle, Scott

29.17 miles (7 loops) : Gentry, Sutton & Klaus, Jon

25 miles (6 loops) : Frappolli, Domonic & Leon, Kiana & Vickery, Patrick

20.84 miles (5 loops) : Baughman, Brad & Bsaibes, Emil & Kolko, Jess & Kondoff, Josh & Reynolds, Chip

16.67 (4 loops) : Belz, David

12.5 miles (3 loops) : Belz, Jamie

Your race fee includes your park entrance fees for The Game. Run a single lap of 4.1667 miles or commit to running until you just can't run anymore. At 7:00 AM, everyone will line up at the start line, regardless of how many loops you plan to run. If you make it back in 60 minutes, you are eligible to line up to race again. We will continue that until there is a single racer left standing. It's you against your competitors, and speedy legs will only get you so far.

You need strategy; you need a plan; most of all, you just need to keep running. So, come play our game...

SUNRISE @ 7:06 AM SUNSET @ 7:59 PM



Ball Farm

119 Redbird Ln

Dale, Texas 78616  



$400 cash + pair of la sportiva shoes awarded to the overall winner, male or female

The single overall winner, regardless of how long you are out there, will receive $400. There is no minimum number of loops that need to be completed to be our winner. To win, you must be the single, last person who completed a 4.1667 loop in 60 minutes. If there is no single runner left standing, the house wins and Spectrum will likely use the prize money to buy more beer. Last year, the winner ran until 11:30 pm(ish), for a total of 15+ hours.

Throughout the race, we will announce certain loops as "primes". In that specific loop, the top male and female will both be awarded with a prize from one of our sponsors. These specific loops will be kept a secret until race day. The primes will be announced moments before the start of that loop. Prime awards were generously sponsored by:


2019 - Trevor Meding : 95.68 miles (23 x 4.16 mile loops)

2018 - Eric Gilbertson : 71.3 miles (23 x 3.1 mile loops)

2017 - Dena Carr : 66 miles (22 x 3.0 mile loops)

Rules of The Game:

- Plan to park 6:00 - 6:30 am

- Line up at 7:00 am sharp to start your first 4.1667 loop. Everyone starts at once.

- At the beginning of each loop, everyone is tied. Until the game is over or you’d dropped out, everyone is at the same place, rankings wise.

- Be back to the start line in 60 minutes (minimum 14:23 min/mile pace). Every 60 minutes after the start, we will flip a coin to determine which direction you will run the loop. 

- We will give you a 2 minute and 1 minute warning to get lined up for each wave/race.

-Crew access is available at the start/finish. There is plenty of room to set up for your racer. Tents are allowed in camping areas only, a short 2 minute walk from the start/finish. Once you’ve DNFed, you are required to vacate your space at the start/finish to make room for any remaining racers.

- No pacers whatsoever.

- Dogs are allowed, but only if on leash and in the main start/finish area. Dogs are not allowed on the course or allowed to be tied up to anything.

- We will provide aid at the start/finish (water, ice, Nuun, SportTea, and orange-flavored-Tailwind). Around noon on Saturday, we will start cranking out as many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and pizzas (available to spectators for $5/pizza). Around 2/3 pm, we will start serving up potatoes and broth (with and without noodles). We will also have some breakfast tacos on Sunday morning (available to spectators for $3/taco).

- To win, you must be the only person left standing, the last runner, everyone else has gone home...

Camping Overnight @ The Game

There will be a designated space for camping, that starts approx 100 meters away from the start/finish. You can camp as close as a 2 minute walk away or situate yourself further in the woods for a bit more peace and quiet. The camping area is fully shaded with rock rings for campfires. This covers each person for one night. You must bring your own tent.

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medical staff:

When choosing a race, we think it is extremely important that you verify they have a medical team on site, fully equip to extract an injured runner. We, at Spectrum Trail Racing, could not be more proud of our medical staff, Sentinel Safety & Rescue Inc. We typically have 2-3 firefighters trained in a variety of rescue techniques and fully equip with a dirt bike, four-wheeler, liter, and a trailer full of band-aids!

Trail running events pose especially difficult challenges for safety, rescue and response times.  Sentinel Safety & Rescue is equipped with the gear and resources to secure any geographical landscape. Getting to a remote location with emergency equipment is difficult enough, but extracting patients shouldn't be a part of the challenge.   

Although we can’t guarantee you won’t get hurt, we CAN guarantee we will get you to safety with the precision and speed.