THE CIRCUS trail race

12 hour relay/solo, 30k, 10k


Saturday,  DECEMBER 8,  2018


race registration

The Circus 12-hour Relay
The Circus 12-hour Solo
The Circus 30k
The Circus 10k


12-HOUR SOLO RESULTS (2017) : 

55 miles : Dennis Runyan (1st place male)

52 miles : Nate Smith

52 miles : Kyle Swetlishnoff

47 miles : Christian Rindlisbacher

44 miles : Anthony Dulthoit & Joe Prusaitis

42 miles : Luis Briseno & Dena Carr (1st female) & Davide Guzzi

39 miles : Sean Dickson  & Matt Langbehn &  Randi Schooley

36 miles : Michael Munoz

35 miles : Chris Martin

34 miles : Bill Ewton & Nancy Marks

33 miles : Karl Urban

31 miles : Deborah Evans  &  Joel Olivarez  &  Dmitry Rozinsky

28 miles : Deborah Sexton

28 miles : Deborah Sexton 

23 miles : Josiah Carr

15 miles : Lonnie Camp



83 miles :  Dilly Dilly (1st place team of 4)

71 miles : We Didn't Start the Fire (1st place team of 2)

70 miles : EPIC (team of 4)

65 miles : Mr Muddy Pants (team of 2)

62 miles : Thompson's Bridge (team of 4)

61 miles : Project Run (team of 2)

56 miles : Preacher (team of 6)

53 miles : Jansen's at 6 (team of 4)

30 miles : We Run for Tacos (team of 2)

race day Schedule:

Packet pick-up:  5:00 am - 10 am ON RACE DAY ONLY (near start/finish)

Race Day Activities Start Time
Packet Pick-up** 5:00 am
12-hour Relay/Solo 6:00 am
30k 8:00 am
10k 10:00 am
Lunch 12:00 pm
30k + 10k Awards 1:00 pm
12-hour Relay/Solo Awards 6:00 pm
Sunrise @ 7:10 am Sunset @ 5:30 pm

**Only one person from each team needs to be there for packet pick-up.

***30k and 10k day-of-race registration available, 12 hour relay/solo registration closes the Thursday before the race.



6 AM - 6 PM  Either take on these 12 hours solo...or invite your friends to join you in a 12 hour race. You will have three different loops of varying distances (approx 7 miles, 5  miles, and 3 miles), which can be run in any order, except the first loop, which must be the 7 mile loop. At 6:00 AM sharp, all team and solo runners will head out on the 7 mile loop. After that, you're on your own to organize your loop order. Each time you complete a loop, you must hand off your timing chip to a team mate. Each individual cannot run the same loop twice in a row. Your teammate can run the loop you just ran, but you, as an individual, can't run back to back loops. Goal is to get in as many miles as possible in 12 hours. You earn a point for each mile (7 mile loop = 7 points). A loop must be completed by 6 pm to count towards your overall points. So, if you're a 1/2 mile from the finish when 12 hours are up, no credit for that incomplete loop.

We will have plenty to do to keep you entertained at the start/finish while you wait. Bring a tent, chairs, coolers, etc. 




Packet pick-up from 7:00 - 8:00 AM. Race starts at 8:00 AM.  30k course is compiled of a combination of running the 7 mile loop, the 5 mile loop, and then the 7 mile loop again, for a total of 18.6 miles. For each of these three loops, you are responsible for running the quick out/back. Awards at 1 pm.



Packet pick-up from 9:00 - 10:00 AM. Race starts at 10:00 AM. The 10k course will run one 7-mile loop (without the out/back). Total distance is just over 6 miles. Awards at 1 pm.


course maps and elevation profiles

Parking instructions:

All racers will enter the main entrance, and follow the 1/2 mile road until you see buildings and a bus stop. At that point, you are welcome to unload your things and go park in the lot labeled "overflow parking" (shown in green). 

Vendors will enter the main entrance and then follow the signs for vendors, to get you as close as we can to the start/finish (shown in red). 

7 Mile Course and Elevation Profile

5 Mile Course and elevation profile

3 Mile Course and elevation profile

30k course and elevation profile

*Note: In 2017, the 30k course will run the 7 mile loop, the 5 mile loop, and then the 7 mile loop again. In 2016, the order was 7, 7, 5. 

10k course and elevation profile

PAST race results and photos:


    2017 :

   2016  :          

   2015  : 



   2017   :

   2016  :

   2015  :


30k Course Records:

Mike Kurvach   M    2:28:02    (2017)

Neilia Bliss    F   2:41:18       (2015)


10k Course Records:

Mason Carman    M   0:46:49  (2015)

Kate Leugers    F     0:44:38  (2015)


12-hour RELAY Course Records:

Trail Roots (team of 4)    88 miles     (2015)

We Brake For No One (team of 4)   88 miles  (2016)


12-hour SOLO Course Record:

Thomas Orf       63 miles   (2015)


You will have the option to pay $25 for camping. That will cover you for Friday and Saturday night, regardless of if you're only staying one night. Bring your own tent; we will save space for you, just out in front of the dorms!

Tent Camping
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Your other option is to stay in one of the two dorm houses we reserve for this race. You pay $40/night and bring your own bedding/pillow. These cabins have electricity, heated showers, air conditioning, etc. Only those staying in the dorms will have access to the showers after the race. We will have one dorm that is coed and one dorm that is split by gender (women upstairs, men downstairs). When you purchase this option, please indicate which bunk house you would prefer to be in!


Dorm Room
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 Bunk house at McKinney Roughs

Bunk house at McKinney Roughs

outdoor film:

 The night before each race, we host an outdoor film under the stars. It typically starts at 8/8:30 pm and is comprised of several short adventure films, lasting about an hour. Bring your dinner, chair/blanket, beer...and relax! Cornucopia (a local gourmet popcorn shop) provides the snacks!

The night before each race, we host an outdoor film under the stars. It typically starts at 8/8:30 pm and is comprised of several short adventure films, lasting about an hour. Bring your dinner, chair/blanket, beer...and relax! Cornucopia (a local gourmet popcorn shop) provides the snacks!



  1. We love dogs, cats, parakeets, and your pet goldfish just as much as you, but they won't be allowed to join you on the race course. You may leave your leashed pets with a person at the start/finish.

  2. Pacers are only allowed on the second half of our ultra distances. A pacer is only there for motivational support and safety, and thus cannot be used as a mule to carry any of your food/water/gear. A pacer is not allowed for any 12 hour racer.

  3. This year, we are replacing finisher's medals with a piece of swag you can really use. You get a pair of custom Spectrum Circus shades, but only if you finish!

  4. We can't give refunds or transfers. Once you purchase your race entry, we pay the land owners for your park pass, buy your t-shirt or hat, pay the insurance company,  pay the timing company and photographer,  and on. That said, we're still very reasonable people and want to help you out. If you write a compelling request, we'll give you a discount to a future race.

  5. No cutting the course (ie CHEATING). Some days just aren't your day to race well. Realizing and respecting that bad race day by dropping out is WAY cooler than getting caught cheating. Oh, and if (when) we catch you, you will be asked to not race with us again. Ever.

  6. We prefer you run without them, but if you're going to wear headphones, use only one earbud or turn it way down. You have to hear people trying to communicate with you. We have had a runner take off in the complete wrong direction just because she couldn't hear us screaming at her to stop. Her loss.

  7. Most of the trails are single track or very narrow, so get used to saying "ON YOUR LEFT" when you pass. It also never hurts to tell that person something encouraging like, "NICE JOB". And while you're on a kind streak, a big "THANK YOU" to the volunteers is golden and earns you an extra beer.

  8. If we have to postpone the race due to weather, we will push the race back to that afternoon or into the next day. We aren't afraid of a downpour, but we don't mess with lightning or hurricanes...or Sharknato.

if you have any questions or want to volunteer, please reach out to us using the form below:

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