Steven Moore

What trail running means to Steven Sanity.
Escaping the urban trappings and getting all primal and shit!

Steven’s favorite training quote
"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." Hunter S Thompson (he wanted to be a runner)

Steven’s advice for new trail runners
Run with a smile. Be grateful for the trail (and the trail markers when you need them!).

Steven’s most memorable/proud run/race
Hardrock 100 because of the astounding beauty of the surroundings and how fired up my family was to help me run it.

Fun fact
I played lacrosse for The University of Texas and began trail running in Austin to stay in shape in the off season.

Steven’s running/racing bucket list
No bucket list. I've had some of the best experiences at races that appeared more suddenly in my schedule and will take whatever comes my way.

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