Katie Towle

What trail running means to Katie
Trail running is my chance for some camaraderie and socializing. It is my opportunity to clear my head and think. Some of my best ideas come out of a long run on the trail. It is my chance to explore and take in all of the nature. Some amazing sunrises have been seen while on a run (and sunsets for that matter!).

Katie’s favorite training quote
"Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience." -Emerson

Katie’s advice for new trail runners
Enjoy all that the trail has to offer! It's not always about going fast. Sometimes, you need to slow down and take in the views. You'll never regret it because most of them are pretty epic. 

Katie’s memorable/proud run/race
Rim2Rim2Rim is one of my most memorable runs, by far. R2R2R was the hardest thing I've ever done. I hit a low point early on at Phantom Ranch and wanted to turn around and head back. My husband talked me into continuing on and helped me through the rest. Glad he did because coming out of that canyon in the dark, starving and exhausted, was an experience I'll never forget!

Katie’s fun fact
I have a twin sister.

Katie’s Running/racing bucket list
1. TransRockies Run
2. Comrades marathon

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