JJ Tiscareno

What trail running mean to JJ
Trail running to me means getting outside, enjoying the moment, loving the hurt, and having fun!

JJ’s favorite training quote
“Run fast, take chances.” -Jonathan Garner

JJ’s advice for new trail runners
Hmmm find a good pair of shoes, find some cool trail running friends, don’t be too hard on yourself, stay safe, don’t litter, and have fun!

JJ’s most memorable/proud run/race
I have two! First, finishing the Tinajas 100k with help and pacing from my wife Amy and buddy Jonathan!
Second, is barely making it to the top of Mt Yale in Colorado with help from my boy Allen! Good times!

Some fun facts about JJ
A couple maybe not so interesting facts about me...one I can juggle and, two, I grew up wanting to be a rodeo clown. 

JJ’s running/racing bucket list
Run a 100 miler

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