Jason Brooks

Co-Founder I Race Director

What trail running means to Jason
Running is my escape from the trappings of modern urban life. It's my play time, competitive outlet, and core to my personal journey toward enlightenment.

Jason’s favorite training quote
Effort over everything! Talent is important but motivation and hard work can carry you farther.

Jason’s advice for new trail runners
Be patient. Trail running requires the athlete to develop technical skill, endurance, and a logistical mindset that come only with time and experimentation. 

Jason’s most memorable/proud run/race and why
2016 Canadian Death Race (125k). It was my first race longer than 60k. My goal was to finish having had an enjoyable experience and it was simply magical. Everything clicked that day. The race felt relatively easy and I even brought home a fourth place finish! 

Jason’s spirit animal
Mountain Goat

Jason’s running/racing bucket list
Wonderland Trail Set the men’s unsupported FKT in 2019
Nolan's 14
Hardrock 100 Mile Endurance Run
Sub-3 hour trail marathon
Circumnavigate the Moon

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