Amy Tiscareno

What trail running means to Amy
Feeling more; more pain, more joy, more adventure, more movement. It’s an escape, it’s letting go, it’s holding on tighter, it’s failing, it’s succeeding. 

Amy’s favorite training quote
“Humble enough to know I’m not better than anyone but wise enough to know I’m different than the rest.” 

“If I can still breath, I’m fine.” -Amy’s inner voice 


Amy’s advice for new trail runners
Let loose. Jump over the rocks, run through the water, and notice all the nature around you. 


Amy’s most memorable/proud run/race
I raced Capt’n Karl’s night 10k trail race at Reveille Peak Ranch. I was feeling great! Came out of the trees to finish as the first place female and took the turn into the parking lot instead! Got 2nd female. Worst and best race. 
Best run has to be Mt. Yale baby! 2-0-1-8!! 

Fun fact and spirit animal!
Lion has come up a few times as my spirit animal. I wouldn’t say I’m a full grown lioness yet more like a lion cub.
I broke my noses doing high jump in middle school and wore a cast that I made people sign. Cool kid! 

Amy’s running/racing bucket list
Lake Georgetown- Goodwater marathon
First Ultra- undecided location

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