Allen Daniell

What trail running means to Allen
It’s a vehicle that plugs me into a stream of consciousness that allows me to become one with a moment in time, freeing me from the everyday social trappings of life. Almost as if transcending to a place where all seems to disappear and reconnect me with nature. 

Allen’s favorite training quote
Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. Van Gogh

Allen’s advice for new trail runners
Know your purpose. In other words, ask yourself, why do you run?

Allen’s most memorable/proud run/race
Bandera 25k placing in the top 3 and crossing the finish line to see coach Jonathan’s face and seeing all that hard work we put in to life come to fruition. It was magical!

Spirit animal
Honey badger is my favorite if I had a spirit animal. They fear no challenge at least that’s what I strive for.

Allen’s running/racing bucket list
I’m looking into some FKT’s right now. TBA.
Olympus Mons is 16 miles high. I can’t wait to see someone climb that.

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