50K + 25K


SEPTEMBER 21, 2019


The 2019 Sky Island 50k and 25k races are sold out. But there is hope for you yet! We will reopen registration again at noon on August 1st. We will release all cancelled race registrations to the general public on a first come first served basis. You can read our Sky Island cancellation and refund policy below.
For Sky Island 2019 we are offering a unique refund policy to support early registration. If you are unable to race Sky Island due to unforeseen circumstances, we will refund 75% of your registration fees if you notify us prior to July 1st, 2018. If you notify us prior to August 1st, 2018, then we will refund 50% of your registration fees. After August 1st, 2018, we will not offer refunds. There is no waitlist for Sky Island.
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Course Records :

Race Distance Women's Record Men's Record
50k Chris Kimbrough - 5:51:30 (2017) Brandon Ostrander - 4:50:10 (2017)
25k Jess Harper - 2:00:46 (2018) Bryan Morton - 2:00:46 (2018)

race information

No pacers allowed
Every 50k racer MUST start with a light, as you will run in the dark for the first 90 minutes of the race.
Every racer MUST start with a water carrier. You must either have at least one water bottle or a hydration vest/hydration pack.

Race Distance Racer Check-In Race Start Race Cutoffs
50k Friday 6:00 - 8:00 pm or Saturday 5:00 - 5:45 am 6:00 am 1st cut-off : 10:45 am @ Mile 16.8 Park Entrance (16:58/mile pace) ; 2nd cut-off : 2:10 pm @ Mile 28.4 Park Entrance (17:17/mi pace) ; Finish line cut-off : 3:00 pm (17:27/mi pace)
25K Friday 6:00 - 8:00 pm or Saturday 6:15 - 7:15 am 7:30 am N/A
Sunrise @ 7:43 am Sunset @ 7:50 pm

race day Schedule:

Race Day Activities Start Time
50k 6:00 am
25k 7:15 am
Lunch 12:00 - 3:00 pm
Sunrise @ 7:15 am Sunset @ 6:15 pm

Awesome weekend extracurriculars

Friday night (8:30 pm): McDonald Observatory Star Party *Reserve/purchase your $12 tickets online at McDonaldObservatory.org*
Friday night (8 - 9 pm): Outdoor Movie at race start/finish in Davis Mountains State Park
Saturday evening: Visit Marfa + camping at Davis Mountains
Sunday: Fun run, hike up to Skyline Ridge (2-3 miles) to see the sunrise! Start whenever you think will get you to the top by 7:00 am to see the amazing 360 view of the sunrise.

Friday Star Party at the McDonald Observatory

Friday Star Party at the McDonald Observatory

Marfa lights, galleries, shops, and great eats

Marfa lights, galleries, shops, and great eats

Sunday dip in Balmorea Springs

Sunday dip in Balmorea Springs


For 2018, the 50k course has two important changes. First, the start/finish has moved to the historic Indian Lodge! Second, instead of running the Skyline Ridge Loop at the start and then the end of the race, 50k runners will start with back-to-back laps of the Skyline Ridge Loop.
The 25k course is the same as 2017 except that it will also start and finish at Indian Lodge (despite what the Strava route says).
50k Course: Skyline Loop (7.5 miles), Skyline Loop (7.5 miles), Primitive Loop (12 miles), then Indian Lodge Loop (4 miles)
25k Course: Primitive Loop (12 miles), Indian Lodge Loop (4 miles)

50k course map, elevation PROFILE, and aid station chart

Click on the image to access an interactive Strava route map.  *This route was created using Strava Route Builder. The actual course distance is closer to 30.2 miles with approximately 4,300 feet of elevation gain.

Click on the image to access an interactive Strava route map.

*This route was created using Strava Route Builder. The actual course distance is closer to 30.2 miles with approximately 4,300 feet of elevation gain.

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25k course map, elevation profile, and Aid station chart

Click on the image to access an interactive Strava route map.

Click on the image to access an interactive Strava route map.

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park map

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Davis Mountain State Park

TX - 118,    Fort Davis, TX     79734



The Historic Indian Lodge
Indian Lodge reservations are fully booked. If any racers with a lodge room cancel their race registration, we will hold those rooms and release them for reservation at 12:00 pm CST on August 1st when we reopen registration and room reservations.

Tent Camping
Camp solo or grab a couple of friends! These sites are nestled in a large oak grove, so there is plenty of shade and even a little privacy. There is water at each site, but no electricity. Restrooms and showers are within walking distance of each site.
Sky Island Tent Camping

Price includes two nights stay and all applicable taxes and fees.

Book Site

Additional Lodging Options
You can make your own camping reservations in Davis Mountains State Park if you wish to RV camp or otherwise make your own reservations. Visit the state parks website to make your reservation.
Stay just a short drive from the race at Prude Ranch or Mountain Trails Lodge for around $100/night. Marfa also has many options, but the drive is slightly longer.



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  1. You absolutely MUST take off with a headlamp or flashlight, as you will be running in dark for the first 45-60 minutes of your race.

  2. Every racer MUST have a water bottle or hydration vest. The primitive loop requires that you run 6 miles without aid across exposed terrain. The temperatures get into the 80s, and those who don't carry water for that loop will be hurtin'.

  3. We love dogs, cats, parakeets, and goldfish just as much as you, but they won't be allowed to join you on the race course. For a few reasons: one of which is that some of the land we race on are working ranches, with strict no pet rules. 

  4. Pacers are not allowed for this race, due to the limit of number of racers (150) that we can have on the course. 

  5. You race swag is earned only by finishing your race. We have some amazing stuff we will be thrilled to send you home with...but only after you cross that finish line. And earn it!

  6. We can't give refunds or transfers. Once you purchase your race entry, we pay the land owners for your park pass, buy your t-shirt or hat, pay the insurance company,  pay the timing company and photographer,  and on. That said, we're still very reasonable people and want to help you out. If you write a compelling request, we'll give you a discount to a future race.

  7. No cutting the course (ie CHEATING). Some days just aren't your day to race well. Realizing and respecting that bad race day by dropping out is WAY cooler than getting caught cheating. Oh, and if (when) we catch you, you will be asked to not race with us again. Ever.

  8. We prefer you run without them, but if you're going to wear headphones, use only one earbud or turn it way down. You have to hear people trying to communicate with you. We have had a runner take off in the complete wrong direction just because she couldn't hear us screaming at her to stop. Her loss.

  9. Most of the trails are single track or very narrow, so get used to saying "ON YOUR LEFT" when you pass. It also never hurts to tell that person something encouraging like, "NICE JOB". And while you're on a kind streak, a big "THANK YOU" to the volunteers is golden and earns you an extra beer.

  10. If we have to postpone the race due to weather, we will push the race back to that afternoon or into the next day. We aren't afraid of a downpour, but we don't mess with lightning or hurricanes...or Sharknato.




Special Thanks to our

Start/Finish Volunteers

from Trans-Pecos Ultra.