Spectrum trail Racing has built a team

of fast, creative, hard-working athletes

to serve as ambassadors to our races

and the sport of trail racing


you'll frequently see them building trails,

on the podium, or supporting fellow trail runners


Jason, Mallory, and Paxton Brooks

founders, race directors

We started Spectrum in 2014 with the goal of bringing a different style of racing to Texas: one that not only focused on providing a great race but also giving you a full blown finish line party with plenty of local flare.

We race, ourselves, so we know the importance of fine tuning each detail. 

Jonathan Garner

assistant race director

Climbed Mt. Elbert (Lake County, CO) - 2011
Record Holder - Sooner State Games 4 mile trail run - 2012
Record Holder - Port to Fort 5K trail run (Muskogee, OK) - 2012

1st place 3-person relay - XTerra Muleshoe  - 2014
Finisher - Marathon2Marathon (Marathon, TX) - 2014

3rd place overall Ouachita Switchbacks 50k - 2016

3rd place overall Piney Woods 50k - 2016

Bucket List:
Ultra Trail Torres del Paine - Patagonia, Chile
The North Face Endurance Challenge 50 mile - Park City


Chris Kimbrough


Previous Beer Mile World Record Holder in 6:28

Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier

Ran a 2:42:54 at the Olympic Marathon Trials in 2008

17:02  -  5K

35:56  -  10K

59:54  - 10 miler


Sky Island  50k   -  1st place female  -  2017

Dawn Mcelvain


Newport Marathon 3rd female (2016)

Run for the Water: 3rd female (2016)

California International Marathon (PR 2:53:06) 29th female, 2nd AG 35-39

Big Bend 50K 1st female (4:41:20) (2017)

Moe's Better Half Marathon 1st female (2017)

Sky Island 25K 3rd female (2017)

Texas Trail Running Festival 1/2 marathon 1st female


Bucket List:

Grand Teton Circ

Zion Traverse

Grand Canyon R2R2R

Hiking the PCT with my kiddo someday!



Amy Tiscareno

“Let me live out loud” -Kehlani


Wife, Mom of three girls

Summited Mount Yale

2nd overall Female Captin Karl’s 10k - 2017

Bucket list:

Race Sky Island, Summit another 14er,

Rock Climb Enchanted Rock, Visit London, Go to more National Parks,

Knit a blanket, Get a tattoo, Make my Grandma’s fudge like she did  


Katie Towle


1st Place Female - Journey's Half Marathon in Eagle River, WI. 2009

Qualified for Boston - Charlottesville Marathon in Charlottesville, VA: 2011

Ironman Wisconsin in Madison, WI: 2012

MS 150 bike race

1st place female Possum Kingdom 52k - 2016

Bucket List Races:

   -Trans-Rockies 2-person team with Scott

   - Avenue of the Giants marathon and Kona

Scott Towle  

Cycled from Austin, Tx to Anchorage, AK (Texas4000.org)

   13X Marathon finisher,  (2X carrying the American Flag)
         3X Ironman Finisher
      2X sub-24 hr 100 mile finisher, 4x 50 mile finisher

60K PR of 5:22
          Comrades finisher

Bucket List:

Western States 100,  Badwater 135,

3 Days of Syllamo,  Tahoe Rim Trail

Thomas Orf

First place: Spectrum's 12 hour solo race (ran 63 miles) and Fossil Valley 9 hour race

First overall Tailwind Trailblazer

Completed 10+  100-mile races (Fastest 100 miler: 15:55:44)

Completed 10+  50-mile races


Bucket list:  Western States 100 and a 24-hour track race

Best feature: pretty lady by his side: the ever-amazing Jaime Orf

Fueled by: Tailwind Nutrition


allen Daniel 

• Spectrum's Rawhide 25k Comfort Tx, 4th overall
• Spectrum's McKinney Roughs 25k Bastrop Tx, 6th overall
• Spectrum's Wonderland 25k 3rd overall
• Spectrum's Circus 30k 5th overall


Bucket list:

North Face Challenge 50 miler

Ultra Trail Mt Fuji


brian allen - aguillar

Epic Bar Ambassador

Completed Trans Rockies - 2014 and 2017

On the winning team of 4 at Spectrum's 12 hour Circus

Zion 50k - 2016

Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim - 2016

Canadian Death Race - 2016


Bucket List:

To tackle a bison and still have perfectly quaffed hair

Josh Beckham

Capt’n Karls Pedernales Falls 30K 1st place 2016
Spectrum Vagabond Mt. Bonnell 1st place 2016
Paleface Trail Marathon 1st place 2016

Bandera 50k trail race 1st place CR   2010
Capt’n Karls The Falls 60K 1st place  2010
Capt’n Karls The Lake 60K 1st place  2010
Nueces 50 miles 1st place   2010
Rocky Racoon 50k 1st place CR (3:30)   2009
Sunmart 50 mile 9th place  2008
Palo Duro Canyon trail race 50k 1st CR 2008 (broken by Jason Brooks in ‘09!)

Bucket List:
Wonderland Trail – Mt. Rainier
Tahoe Rim Trail,     Kilimanjaro
Long Trail,   John Muir Trail
Appalachian Trail,   3 days of Syllamo

steven moore


Wonderland Marathon 2nd place   - 2016

Ultra-Trail Du Mont-Blanc - 166K - Chamonix, FRA

Palo Duro 50 mile  -   1st place   - 2014

San Juan Solstice 50 miler  -   9th place  - 2014

Mogollan Monster 100 miler  - 1st place  - 2013

Saddle Blazer 100k  -  1st place  -  2017

Arkansas Traveler 100 - 2nd place - 2018


Secret weapon: Lone Star Beer at each aid station

nicole kalogeropoulos



Holds the women's 100-mile trail speed record (14:22) - 2015

Run Rabbit Run 100 miler - 3rd place - 2016

Western States 100 miler - 6th place - 2015

Ultra-Trail Du Mont-Blanc  166K-  13th place - 2015

Bandera 100k - 2nd place - 2015

Leadville 100 miler - 9th place - 2013





Before JJ was ever a runner and living in Oaxaca, Mexico as a missionary, he signed up for a local race up and down a mountain, running through corn fields, backyards, over fences, past cattle, and a little bit of rock climbing...and survived! Thus began his new found love of running rugged!


Fueled by:    his wonderful Amy's cooking, chocolate chip cookies, hot tea, and kombucha

Other sponsor love from: Topo Athletic

Spartan UltraBeast Dallas Finisher  -  14th overall   -  2017

amy baker

California Internation Marathon -  PR of 2:50:06  -  2014

3M half marathon  -  PR of 1:19:17  -  2014

Run for the Water 10 miler  -  2nd female  -  2016

Rogue Trail Series 30K  -  1st female -  2016

Spectrum's The Circus 30K  - 1st overall  -  2016

Texas Switchback Marathon - 1st female in 3:23  -  2017

Rogue Trail Series 30K - 1st female at the Maze + Tangle - 2017


Bucket List:   Lake Sonoma 50 miler, Sinsiter 7 100-miler 


Pre-race meal: salmon with roasted beets, sweet potateos

During race: Peanut butter & Teff Cookies  Post Race: Craft Beer

Spirit animal: Firefly

justin wendling


Completed Softrock 100 - 2018

Big Bend 50k   -  2nd place  - 2017

Wonderland 10k  -  1st place  -  2016


Mike kurvach


Rouge Trail Series 30k  -  1st  -  2016 and 2017

Capt'n Karl's Muleshoe Bend 30k  -  1st  -  2016

Saddle Blazer Half Marathon  -  1st  -  2017

Sky Island 25k  -  1st  -  2017


Bucket List: Big Sur,  Penn Relays Unattached,  USM Madeira 55k




3M Half-Marathon  -  1st place female  -  2018

Ran for the University of Texas

Team Rogue athlete




BRYAN Morton


Tokyo Marathon 2018  -  2:25:51

California International Marathon 2018 - 2:24:27 (PR)

5k PR  -  15:17

Half-marathon PR - 1:07:16