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10k Half-Marathon Marathon Marathon Half-Marathon 10k
Saturday November 07, 2020

We're all a little mad here!

Participants for Wonderland Half-Marathon (2019)

Current as of .

If you don't see your name on this list, but you are 100% sure you have registered for this event and race, be sure to let us know ASAP!

First Name Last Name Division Age City
Adam Brandon Male 38 Keller, TX
Al Cogbill Male 59 Cleveland, TX
Alethea Resendez Female 47 The Woodlands, TX
Alex Merkle Male 40 San Antonio, TX
Ali Putnam Female 35 Austin, TX
Alvaro Salkeld Garcia Male 32 Austin, TX
Amy Baker Female 36 Austin, TX
Amy Canter Female 0 ,
Ann-Marie McTaggart Female 30 Austin, TX
Anthony Gray Male 51 Austin, TX
Ashley Birkner Female 46 Austin , TX
Brian Prehn Male 39 Austin, TX
Bruce Upham Male 64 Austin, TX
Cameron Chandler Male 60 Heath, TX
Cassie Holman Female 33 Austin, TX
Christopher McNett Male 46 Austin, TX
Craig Lesley Male 49 Austin , TX
David Paine Male 44 Austin, TX
Donald Perry Male 43 Austin, TX
Ed Easton Male 54 Austin, TX
Emily Brandon Female 34 Keller, TX
Greg Smith Male 35 Austin, TX
Hannah Steffan Female 32 Austin, TX
Hannah Merritt Female 28 Houston, TX
Jacob Garcia Male 30 Austin, TX
Jennifer Seekins Female 45 Abilene, TX
Jennifer Doherty Female 53 Austin, TX
Jessica Allred Female 36 Austin, TX
John Thompson Male 55 Hutto, TX
John Weitzer Male 53 Fort Worth, TX
Joshua McCalip Male 35 Granbury, TX
Katharina Doyle Female 27 Apo, AE
Kathryn Baum Female 37 Austin, TX
kenneth simpson Male 47 Austin, TX
Kyle Goldman Male 38 Austin, TX
Lauren Howell Female 28 Austin, TX
Louis Vasquez Male 33 Austin, TX
Mark Mathews Male 68 Austin , TX
Mary Jo Garrison Female 46 Austin, TX
Matt Newman Male 46 Austin, TX
Megan Will Female 32 Austin, TX
Meghan McNamara Female 30 Austin, TX
Michelle Reed Female 58 Austin, TX
Oliver Atkinson Male 28 Austin, TX
Parker Burke Male 39 Austin, TX
Rebekah Post Female 36 Austin , TX
Richard Keeler Male 52 Fort Worth, TX
Rick Simonson Male 62 Dallas, TX
Robert Nunez Male 49 Austin , TX
Ryan Will Male 32 Austin, TX
Samantha Kuykendall Female 30 Houston, TX
Scott Towle Male 42 Round Rock, TX
Seth Arteaga Male 29 Houston, TX
Sherri Koski Female 48 Leander, TX
Tanner Freeman Male 31 Austin, TX
Taylor Woods Female 34 Austin, TX
Thomas Kubicek Male 48 Houston, TX
Tracie Upham Female 57 Austin, TX
Travis Seekins 1715 Abilene, TX
Vicky Pabon Female 34 Houston, TX
Will Blake Male 41 Austin, TX