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Vagabond Time Trials

Vagabond Time Trials Oct - Dec 2019
Tuesday October 01, 2019

Welcome to a new kind of racing: underground, secret-hand-shake, tell-no-one time trials. Fortunately for you, you're part of a select few that are privy to the information, so pay attention...

Participants for Vagabond Time Trials Vagabond Time Trials Oct - Dec 2019 (2019)

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If you don't see your name on this list, but you are 100% sure you have registered for this event and race, be sure to let us know ASAP!

First Name Last Name Division Age City
Andy Gilbert Male 35 Austin, TX
Arik Yaacob Male 42 Austin, TX
Art Cook Male 53 Austin, TX
Arturo Artigas 0 ,
Billie Bagley Female 46 Liberty Hill , TX
Brad Thompson Male 26 Austin, TX
Brian Walsh Male 36 Austin, TX
Clarisse Roquemore 0 ,
Cruz Monrreal II Male 29 Austin, TX
Dave Marquardt Male 57 Round Rock, TX
Dawn McElvain Female 41 Austin, TX
Emily Kozel Female 37 Austin, TX
Gordon McGregor Male 47 Austin, TX
Grant Bower Male 27 Austin, TX
Heather Kelly Female 36 Austin, TX
Jacob Garcia Male 29 Austin, TX
Jaime Orf Female 41 Austin, TX
January Cummings Female 43 Round Rock, TX
Jason Brooks Male 38 Austin, TX
Jeff Ersig Male 49 Austin, TX
Jeff Sheffield Male 47 Cedar Park, TX
Jenna Jurica Female 32 Austin, TX
Jeremie Martinez Male 35 Austin, TX
Jessica Carroll Female 30 Austin, TX
Jessica Head Female 36 Austin, TX
John Frierson Male 47 Austin, TX
Jonathan Garner Male 36 Austin, TX
Jordan Cooper Male 32 Austin, TX
Josh Beckham Male 43 Austin, TX
Justin Wendling Male 34 Austin, TX
Kati Taylor Female 44 Austin , TX
Kori Benson Female 39 Austin, TX
Lauren Howell Female 26 Austin, TX
Leann Rominger Scott Female 39 Leander , TX
Linda White Female 57 Liberty Hill, TX
Lucas Manring Male 29 Manor, TX
Luis Corral 0 ,
Lydia Brough Female 25 Austin, TX
Mallory Brooks Female 35 Austin , TX
Maranatha Poirier Male 47 Austin, TX
Matt Luther Male 34 Austin, TX
Matthew Ferro Male 25 Austin, TX
Meredith Gardner 0 ,
Michael Perez Male 54 Austin, TX
Michael Langer Male 45 Austin, TX
Mino Hernandez Male 37 Cedar Park, TX
Nick Ackermann Male 29 Austin, TX
Richard Murphy Male 51 Austin , TX
Robert Benson Male 39 Austin, TX
Sabrina Scruggs Female 32 Austin, TX
Sam LaBrie Male 53 Austin, TX
Steve Duffy Male 48 Sunset Valley, TX
Steven Moore Male 52 Austin, TX
Tania Dymkowski Female 50 Buda, TX
Tanya Stanley Female 40 Cedar Park, TX
Thomas Orf Male 47 Austin, TX
Trey Simcik Male 31 Austin, TX
William Bitner Male 44 Austin, TX