Wednesday April 01, 2020


Welcome to a new kind of racing: underground, secret-hand-shake, tell-no-one time trials. Fortunately for you, you're part of a select few that are privy to the information, so pay attention...



The Vagabond Time Trials introduces a new take on our underground racing. For April 2020, we will be running a segment per week. You will register before knowing all of the routes. Once you've submitted your registration and $15 for the month of trials, you will need to search for our Strava club "Spectrum Vagabond" and request to join. This is where you will find the segments (under discussions). All segments are within the Austin area. 

Segment 1 is 5.2 miles on road and must be run April 1 - April 7

Segment 2 is 0.6 miles on trail and must be run April 8 - April 14

Segment 3 is 2.14 miles on road and must be run April 15 - April 21

Segment 4 is 5.12 miles on trail and must be run April 22 - April 30

You will need to create an account on Strava (totally free) and to log your run either on a GPS watch or through the Strava app on your phone. If something malfunctions and your data is skewed, write a detailed report as to why this happened and we will submit it to a panel of judges to decide your fate. Since the winner gets the highest award of bragging rights, we want to make sure everything is fair. Since we can't gather together to celebrate, we will have to hold off until we can, but a party will be held. And there will be big handwritten leaderboards and beer, like always. 


Vagabond Time Trials April 2020

12:02 AM (CST)

Saturday February 01, 2020



Each week, there will be a new Vagabond Time Trial.  You may make an attempt at that segment as many times as possible. We will recognize the fastest runner and the person that made the most attempts. Bragging rights are at stake, here. 

April 1 - April 7 (Segment 1 is 5.2 miles on road)

April 8 - April 14 (Segment 2 is 0.6 miles on trail)

April 15 - April 21 (Segment 3 is 2.14 miles on road)

April 22 - April 30 (Segment 4 is 5.12 miles on trail)


April 2020 Vagabond dues are $15 per month.

These funds go towards keeping Spectrum and our vendors afloat. We are continuing to pay our artists, photographers, and medics, who rely on our races for income. Your dues help make that happen. 


It's time to redline your system! The weekly time trials are all out competitions for the great glory of bragging rights! 



The Speed Shop is home to Rogue Running (all things run training), Rogue Running by JackRabbitt (Rogues retail arm), RunLab (sports medicine for runners), and Crossfit Central. The Speed Shop is Spectrum Trail Racing's base of operations, it is home to our training groups and coaching interests, and is where we will host Vagabond celebrations from time-to-time.


If you need lodging for this run, something has gone terribly wrong.