Saturday February 01, 2020


Welcome to a new kind of racing: underground, secret-hand-shake, tell-no-one time trials. Fortunately for you, you're part of a select few that are privy to the information, so pay attention...



The Vagabond Time Trials is a series of three trail run segments. You will register before knowing all of the routes. Once you've submitted your registration and $15 for the trial series, we will give you all the info you'll need. Each time trial begins on the first of new month. You will have until the last day of the month at midnight to run the course, which will be anywhere from 1 to 8 miles long (typically a point to point, so good luck figuring out how to get back).

You will need to create an account on Strava (totally free) and log your run either on a GPS watch or through the Strava app on your phone. If something malfunctions and your data is skewed, write a detailed report as to why this happened and we will submit it to a panel of judges to decide your fate. Since the winner gets the highest award of bragging rights, we want to make sure everything is fair. Once per quarter (three trial series) we'll gather for a happy hour to recognize the leaderboard. Your first couple of beers and happy hour snacks are on us!  You ready to wander, vagabonds?


Vagabond Time Trials Feb - Apr 2020

12:02 AM (CST)

Saturday February 01, 2020


Each Vagabond Time Trial Season will span 3 months. Each month, you will be given a Strava segment to complete. You may make an attempt at that segment as many times as possible. We will recognize (with a high five) the fastest runner and the person that made the most attempts. 


The Vagabond Time Trials run from February through April 2020!

Vagabond dues are $15 per quarter ($5 / month).

Each quarterly "season" ends with a celebration party that is funded by the quarterly Vagabond dues (so voice your opinion about how you like to celebrate!). The next celebratory party will be in May at The Speed Shop - 410 Pressler. Sufferfest Beer Company is sponsoring the beer...and it's good!

Each time trial is facilitated via Strava, so each Vagabond must have a Strava account to participate in the monthly Time Trials. When you sign up for The Vagabond Tie Trials, we will invite you to join the Spectrum Vagabond Club on Strava. Through the club, we will publish monthly Strava routes. Each month, we will also email the specific route details and include the Strava Segment.


It's time to redline your system! The time trials are all out competitions for the great glory of bragging rights! You must come to the quarterly celebrations to redeem your bragging rights!



The Speed Shop is home to Rogue Running (all things run training), Rogue Running by JackRabbitt (Rogues retail arm), RunLab (sports medicine for runners), and Crossfit Central. The Speed Shop is Spectrum Trail Racing's base of operations, it is home to our training groups and coaching interests, and is where we will host Vagabond celebrations from time-to-time.