Saturday April 09, 2022


You need a plan, you need strategy, you need mental fortitude, but mostly, you just need to keep movin'

Registration opens on and closes on


Last Runner Standing

08:00 AM (CDT)

Saturday April 09, 2022



The Game is goin' person...until there is one runner left standing. How long will the race far will you run? Only time will tell.


  • Plan to park 7:00 - 7:45 am
  • Line up at 8:00 am sharp to start your first 4.1667 loop. Everyone starts at once.
  • You will run one 4.1667 mile loop every hour. Each loop will start on the hour, no exceptions.
  • As long as you are able to line up for the next wave, you are still in the game.
  • The race ends when there is one racer left standing. 


Rules of The Game:

  • At the beginning of each loop, everyone is tied. Until the game is over or you’ve dropped out, everyone is in the same place, rankings wise.
  • Be back to the start line in 60 minutes (minimum 14:23 min/mile pace). Every 60 minutes after the start, we will flip a coin to determine which direction you will run the loop. 
  • We will give you a 2 minute and 1 minute warning to get lined up for each wave/race. 
  • Crew access is available at the start/finish. There is plenty of room to set up for your racer. Tents are allowed in camping areas only, a short 1 minute walk from the start/finish. Once you’ve DNFed, you are required to vacate your space at the start/finish to make room for any remaining racers.
  • No pacers whatsoever.
  • We will provide aid at the start/finish (water, ice, and orange-flavored-Tailwind). Around noon on Saturday, we will start cranking out as many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as you can eat. 
  • To win, you must be the only person left standing, the last runner, everyone else has gone home...


 $400 Cash + Pair Of La Sportiva Shoes Awarded To The Overall Winner, Male Or Female

The single overall winner, regardless of how long you are out there, will receive $400. There is no minimum number of loops that need to be completed to be our winner. To win, you must be the single, last person who completed a 4.1667 loop in 60 minutes. If there is no single runner left standing, the house wins and Spectrum will likely use the prize money to buy more beer. Last year, the winner ran until 11:30 pm(ish), for a total of 15+ hours. 

Throughout the race, we will announce certain loops as "primes". In that specific loop, the top male and female will both be awarded with a prize from one of our sponsors. These specific loops will be kept a secret until race day. The primes will be announced moments before the start of that loop. Prime awards were generously sponsored by:

Aid Stations and Drop Bags

The only aid station will be at the start/finish line. We will have plenty of space in the field where we stage the start/finish line. There will be an area reserved for racers and their drop bags and crews. All racers are welcome to bring pop-up tents, chairs, coolers, and whatever accouterments you need to endure The Game.



The single winner of our race (male or female) will be sent on to compete in Bob's Big Timber Backyard in Glenmont, OH (

The winner from Bob's will go on to race at Big's.

Check out the bracket system here:

Your 4.1667 mile course is flat and fast. The course is one big loop, which will be run clockwise and counter-clockwise, determined by a flipped coin just before we start each loop.



88 Ranch 

2784  FM 2434

Columbus, Texas (1.5 hours from Austin (1 hour from Austin airport), 1 hour from Houston)


88 Ranch has a Hunter's Cabin with 3 bunk beds (sleeps 6, coed), a shower, a living room, and a kitchen. The beds are available to reserve at $44/night ($88 for weekend). 
When you’re ready to book this, just visit the Race Lodging section of our store! As of mid-November, there are still 5 beds available.

Camping Overnight @ The Game is Covered by Spectrum!

There will be a designated space for camping, that starts approx 10 meters away from the start/finish. You can camp as close as a 1 minute walk away or situate yourself further in the woods for a bit more peace and quiet. You must provide your own tent. We suggest you also bring a pop-up tent, camping chair, changes of clothes and a cooler full of your favorite snacks/drinks so you can take care of yourself between loops!