race name

The Circus

12-Hour Solo - ($110) 30k - ($90) 10k - ($70) 12-Hour Relay - ($90)
Sunday December 12, 2021

10k, 30k, and a grueling 12-hr endurance challenge for teams (or 2, 4, or 6) and the daring solo runner.

Participants for The Circus 10k (2021)

Current as of .

If you don't see your name on this list, but you are 100% sure you have registered for this event and race, be sure to let us know ASAP!

First Name Last Name Division Age City Team Name
Alejandro Batsakis Male 34 Austin, TX BOLITA LOVERS
Alex Forth Male 36 South Lake Tahoe , CA
Alex Cisneros Male 31 Laredo , TX
Alexander Taylor Male 39 Null, TX
Amanda Corbitt Female 45 Austin, TX
Amarey Corbitt Female 15 Austin, TX
Aron Waisman Male 49 Austin, TX
Atchley Brown Male 31 Springfield , MO
Ben Soper Male 33 Austin, TX
Brian Kent Male 39 Austin, TX
Chandra Bose Renganathan Male 44 Austin, TX Terrazzo
Chris Wood Male 54 Austin, TX neighborship
Corina Guillory Female 41 Austin, TX
Dan Rotondo Male 33 Austin, TX
Emily Fiks Female 33 Austin, TX
Francisco Olvera Male 30 Pflugerville , TX
George Tan Male 33 Pflugerville, TX
Jess Bild Female 37 Austin, TX
Jesse Carter Female 32 Austin , TX
Jessica Wilkinson Female 32 West, TX
John Mayo Male 30 Austin, TX
Jorge Camargo Male 34 Austin, TX Thanks Giving
Jorge A Camargo Male 60 Westlake Hills, TX Thanks Giving
Josh Beckham Male 45 Austin, TX
Joshua Green Male 46 Austin, TX
Karys Rodriguez Female 33 Austin, TX Bolita lovers
Ker Cannon Female 46 Austin , TX
Kevin Crawford Male 49 Austin, TX
Lauren Vera Female 37 Springfield, MO
Michael Wood Male 45 Austin, TX
Nathalia Rotondo Female 29 Austin, TX
Rachel Mauch Female 32 Austin, TX Rachel's New Year Resolution
Scott Lambie Male 52 Kyle, TX
Sophie Kent Female 30 Austin, TX Thanks Giving
Steve Graves Male 35 Austin, TX
Steven Zessin Male 44 Austin, TX
Stuart Bild Male 37 Austin, TX
Tom Mc Donald Male 54 Austin, TX