Sunday May 24, 2020


This race will be awesome!



The Annual Paddlefest Spirit Trail Run is a fun, beautiful yet challenging trail race through the Buena Vista Trail system, including portions of the River Park Trails, Whipple Trails, the Broken Boyfriend, the Midland Grade, and incorporates our newest trails, Fist Full Of Dollars and the Django Loops.


Spirit Trail Run Marathon

07:00 AM (CDT)

Sunday May 24, 2020

Spirit Trail Run Half Marathon

08:00 AM (CDT)

Sunday May 24, 2020

Spirit Trail Run 8k

09:00 AM (CDT)

Sunday May 24, 2020


Sunday, May 24th

Location: Start/finish @ Paddlefest; race course is on single track trail in the Four Mile area


  • Marathon ($85)
  • Half-Marathon ($70)
  • 8k ($55)

Start times: 

  • Marathon @ 7:00 am
  • Half-Marathon @ 8:00 am
  • 8k @ 9:00 am

Sunrise is 6:43 am

Aid stations, podium awards, finisher swag, and finish line party guaranteed!



We are excited to introduce the marathon distance to the Spirit Trail Run in 2020. There are extensive new trails in the Four-Mile Recreation that have been developed over the past two years and we hope to take advantage of all of them to create an amazing single loop race course that is about 90% single track trail. 

If BLM completes their NEPA process (Environmental Impact Statement) for the newest trails in the Four Mile Recreation area, then the marathon will be a single loop course. If the NEPA process isn't complete in time, then you will run two laps of the half marathon course and we will use the single loop course in 2021.

The course map included here is just a sneak peak of half of the trail system that will be included in the Marathon single loop course.



Buena Vista is located at an altitude of 7,965' and has about 2,700 residents. The town is situated in the heart of the Arkansas River Valley half way between the towns of Leadville and Salida. On the western side of the valley stands the imposing Sawatch Mountain Range, home to 15 of Colorado's 14,000 foot peaks including the famed Collegiate Peaks. The Sawatch Range also forms a significant portion of the Continental Divid and hosts well over 100 miles of the Colorado Trail in addition to hundreds of miles of national forests trails traversing large swaths of remote wilderness area.

The eastern side of the Arkansas valley is flanked by the smaller Mosquito Range(though it is still home to 5 of Colorado's fourteeners). The eastern side of the Arkansas River Valley is high desert landscape mostly under the purview of the US Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and hosts a broad range of outdoor recreation opportunities from paddling to mountain biking, to off road vehicle use of all kinds, hunting, and, of course, running! In fact, it is in the Four-Mile Area on the east side of the Arkansa River Valley, just above the town of BV, that we host the Spirit Trail Run!


Lodging is available at the Surf Hotel near the start/finish line or at any other hotel/lodge in Buena Vista. We also recommend Camp Elevation, a bead and breakfast and high altitude training camp for runners situated just above the town of Buena Vista. Camp Elevation is actually on the race course and you can take the trails from the driveway straight into town and the race start/finish area!