race name

Sky Island

25K 50K
Saturday September 19, 2020

****** 2020 race registration will open on March 1, 2020 at noon CST *****

Participants for Sky Island 50K

Current as of .

If you don't see your name on this list, but you are 100% sure you have registered for this event and race, be sure to let us know ASAP!

First Name Last Name Division Age City
Adam Zachary Thomas Male 48 Austin, TX
Adrian Rizo Male 42 Austin, TX
Adriana Gomez del Campo Female 26 San Antonio, TX
Al Cogbill Male 59 Cleveland, TX
Amy Stephens Female 50 Austin, TX
Anne Sheldrake Female 30 San Antonio, TX
Anneke Thompson Female 33 San Antonio, TX
Art Cook Male 54 Austin, TX
Arturo Artigas Male 57 Austin, TX
Ashtyn Johnson Male 36 Austin, TX
Athena Farias Female 44 San Antonio , TX
Blaine Adams Male 45 San Antonio, TX
Bobby LeGrand Male 36 Dripping Springs, TX
Bryan McKenney Male 56 Wylie, TX
Carlos Velez Male 44 San Antonio, TX
Carly Bormann Female 29 Austin, TX
Carmen Martinez Female 39 Houston, TX
Cathy Faber Female 46 Frisco, TX
Chris Roberts Male 30 Dallas, TX
Christian Henricksen Male 45 San Antonio, TX
Christopher Margrave Male 41 Austin, TX
Daniel Tilson Male 26 San Antonio, TX
Daniel Ezell Male 30 Waco, TX
David Deleon Male 32 Austin, TX
DELAINE Garcia Female 54 San Antonio, TX
Dest Sudduth Male 36 Austin, TX
Eduardo Bravo Male 30 San Antonio, TX
Elisabeth Pfaff Female 32 Austin, TX
Emily Latour Female 38 Santa Barbara, CA
Emory Atterberry Male 29 Mc Kinney, TX
Eugene Salazar Male 44 Georgetown, TX
Garren Hill Male 51 Colleyville, TX
Garrett Jaynes Male 30 Austin, TX
Gary Dibble Male 46 Cortland, NY
Hudson Keel Male 40 Austin, TX
Hugo Ramos Male 30 San Antonio, TX
Jacob Barrett Male 30 Austin, TX
Jacob Garcia Male 30 Austin, TX
James Dodds Male 36 Austin, TX
JANIE PORTER Female 50 Fort Stockton, TX
Jasmine Galjour Female 36 Austin, TX
Jason Schwertner Male 41 Austin, TX
Jason Gagne Male 38 Austin, TX
Jay Kleberg Male 42 Austin, TX
Jennifer Globensky Female 48 Frisco, TX
Jennifer Rebeles Female 42 San Antonio, TX
Jennifer Paulsen Female 55 Austin, TX
Jennifer Kirkpatrick Female 48 Bonham, TX
Jesse Nunez Male 28 Austin, TX
Jessica Sanchez Female 36 San Antonio, TX
Jessica Carroll Female 31 Austin, TX
Jessica Head Female 37 Goldthwaite, TX
John McCoul Male 60 Denison, TX
Jonathan Gillis Male 40 San Antonio, TX
Jordan Cooper Male 33 Austin, TX
Jorge Fernandez Male 38 San Antonio, TX
Julia Hargesheimer Female 39 San Antonio, TX
Justin Self Male 31 Lexington, TX
Kelley Mims Female 47 Forney, TX
Kemper Dotson Female 56 Boerne, TX
Kimberly Dea Female 40 San Antonio, TX
kitty henricksen Female 37 San Antonio, TX
Kori Benson Female 40 Austin, TX
Kyle Rodemacher Male 45 Austin, TX
lance aldridge Male 38 San Antonio, TX
Laura Kromann Female 32 Austin, TX
Liberty Heise Female 44 San Antonio, TX
Lorin Wilson Male 30 Austin, TX
Manny Carral Male 46 San Antonio, TX
Marisol Gutierrez Female 41 San Antonio, TX
Martin Vega Male 31 Midland, TX
Matt Ladd Male 34 Dallas, TX
Matt Lyall Male 43 Dallas, TX
Merry McCoul Female 53 Denison, TX
Michael Sand Male 58 Flower Mound, TX
Michael Langer Male 46 Austin, TX
Michael Beatty Male 46 Round Rock, TX
Mimi Torrez Female 49 The Woodlands, TX
Nate Smith Male 45 Kerrville, TX
Nathaniel Lounsbury Male 44 Austin, TX
Nicholas Ackermann Male 30 Austin, TX
Patty Kallman Female 38 Houston, TX
Paul Escobedo Male 49 Pflugerville, TX
Paul Raley Male 51 Hutto, TX
Paula Adams Female 55 Cat Spring, TX
Randy Rapanut Male 50 Santa Teresa, NM
Robert Benson Male 40 Austin, TX
Robert Gomez Male 40 Midland, TX
Robert Parker Male 52 San Antonio, TX
Russell Zientek Male 55 Austin, TX
Sara Grissom Female 30 Austin, TX
Scott Millman Male 49 Mc Kinney, TX
Sergio Pacheco Male 51 Las Cruces, NM
Shellene McKenney Female 49 Wylie, TX
Stacey Rodts Female 40 Frisco, TX
Stefan Grater Male 52 San Antonio , TX
Steven Cassidy Male 36 The Woodlands, TX
Teryn Robinson Female 36 Austin, TX
Todd Kroeger Male 48 Frisco, TX
Tom Elliott Male 40 Midland, TX
Victoriano Aguirre Male 40 Midland, TX
VIRGINIA GWYN Female 37 The Colony, TX