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8-Mile (Sold Out) Double-Marathon (Sold Out) 16-Mile (Sold Out) Marathon (Sold Out)
Saturday January 30, 2021


Participants for Goodwater 8-Mile (2021)

Current as of .

If you don't see your name on this list, but you are 100% sure you have registered for this event and race, be sure to let us know ASAP!

First Name Last Name Division Age City
Allison Holt Female 38 Liberty Hill, TX
Alyson Falk Female 34 Austin, TX
Amanda Berens Female 40 Austin, TX
Angel Acatitlan Male 35 Houston , TX
Augusta Hemann Female 45 Austin, TX
Becs Prager Non Binary 26 Austin, TX
Betty Davis Female 56 Austin, TX
Bliss Burdett Female 50 Austin, TX
Braz Holt Male 60 Austin, TX
Brent Budolfson Male 39 Austin, TX
Brian Patton Male 20 Abilene , TX
Bryce Bonnette Male 26 Austin , TX
Bulmaro Teodoro Male 34 Houston , TX
Caitlin Giddings Female 42 Austin, TX
Christine Fox Female 35 Georgetown, TX
Cody Cox Male 49 Austin, TX
Daniel Cardenas Male 38 Pearland , TX
Elizabeth Ridpath Female 43 Austin, TX
Elyse Barron Female 41 Round Rock, TX
Emil Bsaibes Male 33 Georgetown , TX
Emily Betzing Female 34 Round Rock , TX
Fernando Guevara Male 50 Pflugerville, TX
Gary Sailors Male 57 Georgetown, TX
Glenn Reed Male 55 Austin, TX
Graham Schooley Male 47 Cypress, TX
James Mc Guire Male 38 Austin, TX
Jamie Higuera Female 29 Cedar Park, TX
Jessie Lake Female 33 Thorndale , TX
Jon Baker Male 47 Austin, TX
Juan Salazar Male 39 Pasadena , TX
Julianna Brooks Female 24 Houston , TX
Justin Buchanan Male 36 Liberty Hill , TX
Kara Kosater Female 39 Austin, TX
Karissa Barragan Female 37 Georgetown, TX
Katie Stewart Female 35 Austin, TX
Katy Heng Female 50 Leander , TX
Kerri Funderburk Female 31 Georgetown , TX
Kimberly Cifarelli Female 39 Round Rock, TX
Kristen Walcher Female 29 Oklahoma City, OK
Laura Knorr Female 32 Austin, TX
Lauren Lansford Female 29 Austin, TX
Lisa Prager Female 59 San Antonio, TX
Lora Singletary Female 14 Katy, TX
Louis Schneider Male 38 Austin, TX
Mark Baldwin Male 50 Georgetown, TX
Mark Jamael Male 57 Round Rock, TX
Mary Jo Garrison Female 46 Austin, TX
Maya Rodriguez Female 49 Austin, TX
Melissa Darbonne Female 56 Georgetown, TX
Melody Lusk Female 38 Georgetown , TX
Michael Maloney Male 61 Georgetown, TX
Monique Legere Female 42 Lago Vista, TX
Nancy Kristoferson Female 57 Leander, TX
Nicole Geller Female 49 Tampa, FL
Patrick New Male 30 Live Oak, TX
Patrick Smith Male 40 Austin, TX
Ramona Finos Female 56 Austin, TX
Rebecca Welling Female 43 Round Rock, TX
Robert Knorr Male 32 Austin , TX
Ryan Charriere Male 39 Georgetown, TX
Sarah Blyth Female 36 Austin, TX
Seth Bergers Male 44 Cedar Park, TX
Shae Vaughan Female 40 Georgetown, TX
Staci Hanrahan Female 36 Austin, TX
Travis Goyeneche Male 32 Austin, TX
Tri Noensie Male 31 Cedar Park, TX
Tyson Hanrahan Male 37 Austin, TX
Virginia Coindreau Female 38 Georgetown, TX
William Siegel Male 28 Austin, TX
Zahava Picado Female 27 Georgetown, TX
Zeeshan Malik Male 90 Austin, TX