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8-Mile (Sold Out) Double-Marathon (Sold Out) 16-Mile (Sold Out) Marathon (Sold Out)
Saturday January 30, 2021


Participants for Goodwater 16-Mile (2021)

Current as of .

If you don't see your name on this list, but you are 100% sure you have registered for this event and race, be sure to let us know ASAP!

First Name Last Name Division Age City
Adelyne Samudio Female 34 Austin, TX
Andy Melton Male 44 Katy, TX
Anthony Ciccone Male 49 Driftwood, TX
Anthony Croteau Male 25 Cedar Park, TX
April Choi Female 37 Leander, TX
Benjamin Dean Male 44 Austin, TX
Bill Paul Male 35 Austin, TX
Brady Glos Male 35 Salado, TX
Brenda Brantley Female 47 Round Ro Ck, TX
Carl Blankenship Male 28 Georgetown , TX
Carrie Leigh Female 38 Austin , TX
Casey Runnestrand Male 38 Austin, TX
Chad Moore Male 51 Georgetown, TX
Charles Thomas Male 33 Austin, TX
Chris Kimbrough Female 51 Austin, TX
Christine Santelli Female 50 Buda, TX
Daniel Ochoa Male 38 Austin, TX
Daniela Corral Female 14 Austin, TX
Dave Marquardt Male 58 Round Rock, TX
Elizabeth Crowe Female 55 Georgetown, TX
Ellen Cox Female 34 Austin, TX
Emily Kozel Female 39 Austin, TX
Erasto Renteria Male 25 Austin, TX
Fernando Gonzalez Chacon Male 36 Austin, TX
James Huntsinger Male 43 Georgetown , TX
James Bauman Male 61 Marble Falls, TX
Jamie Peterson Female 40 Austin, TX
Jo Anna Brand Female 51 Austin, TX
Joshua Everett Male 36 Corpus Christi, TX
Julie Hamilton Female 28 Arcadia , OK
Justin Dove Male 39 Austin, TX
Katrina Green Female 28 Austin, TX
Kelly Mc Lendon Female 30 Austin, TX
Kevin Poe Male 34 Dallas, TX
Kiandra Martin Female 31 Dallas, TX
Kianna Arthur Female 25 College Station, TX
Kim Smith Female 43 Austin, TX
Krista Wells Female 40 Austin, TX
Lourdes Espinosa Female 38 Prosper, TX
Luis Corral Male 45 Austin, TX
Matthew Bryant Male 42 Austin, TX
Mike Elliott Male 59 Thrall, TX
Nicholas Jerschefske Male 29 Wauwatosa, WI
Nicole Barrett Female 55 Conroe, TX
Paul Rademacher Male 36 Austin, TX
Phil Price Male 37 Austin, TX
Rebecca Cardenas Female 45 Austin, TX
Ryan Dove Male 39 Wingate, TX
Steven Welch Male 37 Austin, TX
Thad Lusk Male 39 Georgetown , TX
Veronica Larson Female 52 Cedar Park , TX
Willem Vonk Male 38 Austin, TX