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8-Mile (Sold Out) Double-Marathon (Sold Out) 16-Mile (Sold Out) Marathon (Sold Out)
Saturday January 30, 2021


Participants for Goodwater Marathon (2021)

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If you don't see your name on this list, but you are 100% sure you have registered for this event and race, be sure to let us know ASAP!

First Name Last Name Division Age City
Aaron Waggoner Male 45 Castle Rock, CO
Adrian Caraves Male 19 Galveston, TX
Amanda Shannon Female 37 Georgetown, TX
Amy Tiscareno Female 34 Kempner, TX
Andres Delgado Male 40 Fort Worth, TX
Andrew Corbin Male 46 Georgetown, TX
Andrew Erwin Male 38 Georgetown, TX
Andrew Skinner Male 32 San Antonio, TX
Anna Kinder Female 32 Oklahoma City, OK
Ann Marie Mc Taggart Female 30 Austin, TX
Bo Cielenski Male 33 Leander , TX
Brandon Moore Male 39 Georgetown, TX
Brian Singletary Male 45 Katy, TX
Brian Mizell Male 31 Leander, TX
Caitlin Hill Female 36 Fruita, CO
Candace De Long Female 30 Capon Bridge, WV
Carol Von Michaelis Female 39 Arvada, CO
Caynan Picard Male 46 Round Rock, TX
Charles Wagner Male 37 Austin, TX
Chris Roth Male 42 Austin, TX
Christopher Rembowski Male 34 Leander, TX
Christopher Grimm Male 46 Boerne, TX
Clark Holloway Male 57 Georgetown, TX
Colin Williams Male 41 Round Rock, TX
Daniel Anstee Male 57 Georgetown, TX
David Johnson Male 67 Odessa , TX
Drew Hardin Male 39 Round Rock, TX
Eben Anderson Ciccone Male 20 Driftwood, TX
Eric Notarangelo Male 30 Austin, TX
Farrah Keeler Female 43 Austin, TX
Garrett Murgatroyd Male 34 Mc Henry, IL
Hugh Ayles Male 53 Cedar Park, TX
Jack Enright Male 24 Austin, TX
Jason Boyd Male 42 Austin, TX
Jason Heng Male 47 Leander, TX
Jason Rice Male 47 Wichita Falls, TX
Jason Rose Male 40 Georgetown , TX
Jeff Higgins Male 61 Houston, TX
Jeffrey Gilbert Male 33 Austin, TX
Jeremiah Nelson Male 45 Belton, TX
Jj Tiscareno Male 36 Kempner, TX
John Gallup Male 39 Austin, TX
John Fox Male 31 Houston, TX
Jonathan Rodriguez Male 28 New Braunfels, TX
Jordan Barnhart Male 33 Round Rock, TX
Jordan Cooper Male 33 Austin, TX
Jordan Villa Female 27 Austin, TX
Jordan Metteauer Male 36 Georgetown, TX
Josh Tavarez Male 28 San Antonio, TX
Josh Mc Kee Male 41 Leander, TX
Joshua Mc Calip Male 35 Austin, TX
Katelin Potvin Female 32 Lago Vista, TX
Kendra Glassman Female 41 Firestone, CO
Kevin Converse Male 24 Austin, TX
Kristin Delgado Female 36 Fort Worth, TX
Kyle Kriegel Male 34 Woodway, TX
Kyle Uphold Male 37 Austin , TX
Lauren Schachner Female 44 Belton, TX
Les Robertson Male 54 Johns Island, SC
Louis Fechtman Male 28 Houston , TX
Mario Martinez Male 48 Georgetown , TX
Marisabel Ramthun Female 47 Georgetown, TX
Mark Perry Male 41 Round Rock, TX
Matthew Liu Male 24 Canandaigua, NY
Michael Parks Male 46 Keller, TX
Michael Langer Male 47 Austin, TX
Michele Sparkman Female 38 Georgetown, TX
Mike Dougherty Male 42 Cibolo, TX
Nathaniel Waggoner Male 40 Georgetown, TX
Nicholas Vorauer Male 38 Austin, TX
Nikola Grafnetterova Female 33 Corpus Christi, TX
Noah Krohn Male 39 Georgetown, TX
Olin Carty Male 26 Des Moines, IA
Parker Burke Male 40 Austin, TX
Patrick Hicks Male 28 Austin, TX
Randy Keith Male 62 Houston, TX
Ross Warkentin Male 27 Round Rock, TX
Russell Seguin Male 63 Pflugerville, TX
Sarah Combs Female 39 Georgetown, TX
Shawn Rice Male 45 Wichita Falls, TX
Steven Mc Cain Male 64 Pflugerville, TX
Thomas Mott Male 41 Marble Falls , TX
Tim Brown Male 39 Dripping Springs, TX
Todd Shannon Male 47 Georgetown, TX
Victor Flores Male 27 Monahans, TX