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8-Mile Marathon 16-Mile Double-Marathon
Saturday January 25, 2020

An epic adventure and unparalleled solitude experience within the Austin metroplex.

Participants for Goodwater 8-Mile (2019)

Current as of .

If you don't see your name on this list, but you are 100% sure you have registered for this event and race, be sure to let us know ASAP!

First Name Last Name Division Age City
Aaron Detamore Male 38 Leander, TX
Adrian Rosas Male 47 Austin, TX
Alexis Alexander Female 36 Manor, TX
Alicia Kooda Female 33 New Braunfels , TX
Amanda Schmid Female 32 Austin, TX
Amanda Kopp Female 32 Cedar Park, TX
Amber Bradley Female 45 Cypress, TX
Amy Smith Female 46 Austin, TX
Angelica Andersson Female 38 Austin, TX
Anna Mentzer Female 36 Austin, TX
Becky Stanford Female 35 Austin, TX
Ben Hunsaker Male 36 Leander, TX
Bernadette De Joya Female 41 Austin, TX
Bob Freeman Male 65 Fort Worth, TX
Brian Walsh 0 Austin, TX
Brian Williams Male 36 Georgetown, TX
Britney Lee Female 29 Georgetown, TX
Catherine Ellis Female 39 Georgetown, TX
Charles King Male 58 Austin , TX
Chloe Searle Female 0 Austin, TX
Chris Rawls Male 29 Austin, TX
Christine Barton-Holmes Female 45 San Marcos , TX
Colleen Templeton Female 27 Houston , TX
Danielle Wang Female 29 Austin, TX
David Tyndall Male 56 Georgetown, TX
David Conley Male 41 Hutto, TX
David Aronson Male 52 Cedar Park, TX
Dawn Heimann Female 45 Georgetown, TX
Dayna Charriere Female 36 Georgetown , TX
Devin Kleinfelder Male 33 New Braunfels , TX
Dustin Harman Male 35 Stephenville, TX
Ellen McLaughlin Female 27 Austin, TX
Glenn Reed Male 54 Austin, TX
Graham Schooley Male 46 Cypress, TX
Hillary King Female 27 San Antonio, TX
Jaclyn Koza 0 ,
Jacqueline Messer Female 57 Georgetown, TX
James McGuire Male 37 Austin, TX
Jeff Ersig Male 49 Austin, TX
Jerry Novak Male 65 San Antonio, TX
Jessie Lake Female 32 Thorndale , TX
Jill Cadwallader Female 49 Round Rock, TX
Joseph Jaeger Male 33 Temple , TX
karen harvey-koza Female 56 Tallmadge, OH
Kat Liptak Female 26 Austin, TX
Kathleen Novak Female 59 San Antonio, TX
Kathleen Forbes Female 37 Katy, TX
Kerr Wilson Male 39 Leander, TX
Kim Smith Female 42 Austin, TX
Kim Jeske Female 38 Austin, TX
Leah Crowder Female 31 Houston, TX
Lena Coleman Female 28 Austin, TX
Mark Baldwin Male 49 Georgetown, TX
Mark Mathews Male 67 Austin , TX
Melissa Darbonne Female 55 Georgetown, TX
Mike Maloney Male 60 Georgetown, TX
Miranda Conley Female 47 Hutto, TX
Neil Manley Male 27 Austin, TX
NIKIE LUNDY Female 34 Austin, TX
Robin Barry Female 48 Schulenburg, TX
Russell Stinnett Male 44 Manor, TX
Ryan Charriere Male 38 Georgetown , TX
Shae Vaughan Female 39 Georgetown, TX
Stacey Rosas Female 46 Austin, TX
Stefanie Thomas Female 33 Salado, TX
Tess McKenna Female 28 Austin, TX
Thomas Canals Male 33 Austin, TX
Timothy Stein Male 43 Austin , TX
Tutuy Soto Male 44 Round Rock, TX
VA Giant Male 36 Saline, MI
Vicki Sanderlin Female 46 Cypress, TX
Victoria Gonzalez Female 24 Austin, TX
William McCoy Male 51 Round Rock, TX
Yael Padilla Female 28 Austin, TX
Yvette LeBlanc Female 0 Houston, TX