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8-Mile Marathon 16-Mile Double-Marathon
Saturday January 25, 2020

An epic adventure and unparalleled solitude experience within the Austin metroplex.

Participants for Goodwater 16-Mile (2019)

Current as of .

If you don't see your name on this list, but you are 100% sure you have registered for this event and race, be sure to let us know ASAP!

First Name Last Name Division Age City
aaron smischney Male 42 Austin, TX
Alan May Male 47 Austin, TX
Amy Bell Female 39 Austin, TX
ANTHONY CHAU Male 31 Cedar Park, TX
Ashley Rademacher Female 32 Austin, TX
Bennie Dunn Male 44 Pflugerville , TX
Blair Landreneau Male 42 Conroe, TX
Brett Buller Male 39 Austin, TX
Bryce Dalbey Male 30 Austin, TX
Cameron Chandler Male 59 Heath, TX
capp crawford Male 41 Austin, TX
Casey Runnestrand Male 37 Austin, TX
Clarisse Roquemore Female 34 Austin, TX
Cyndi Commander Female 49 Leander, TX
David Mahoney Male 43 Austin, TX
Delia DeLeon Female 44 Manor, TX
Doug Alles Male 32 Austin, TX
Francisco Serrano Male 31 Austin , TX
Griselda Conde-Holman Female 34 Round Rock, TX
Hannah Trees Female 29 Austin, TX
Ioana Lowe Female 41 Georgetown , TX
James Dodds Male 36 Austin, TX
Jason Sauceda Male 48 Pipe Creek, TX
Jeffrey Smith Male 32 Austin, TX
Jennifer Doherty Female 52 Austin, TX
Jesse Saunders Male 0 ,
Joe Prusaitis Male 65 Austin, TX
john sharp Male 42 Selma, TX
Jon Baker Male 46 Austin, TX
Jordan Barnhart Male 32 Round Rock, TX
Julie Blackwell Female 37 Bruceville, TX
Justin Dove Male 38 Austin, TX
Kai Doran Female 35 Cedar Park, TX
Kasey Duval Female 26 Austin, TX
Katie Herrick Female 29 Austin, TX
Kevin Cawley Male 60 Leander, TX
Kevin Heimann Male 44 Georgetown, TX
Kris Ward Male 42 Pflugerville, TX
Laura Knorr Female 0 Austin, TX
Lauren Lansford Female 28 Austin, TX
Marie Chandler Female 66 Heath, TX
mathew todd Male 53 Austin, TX
Matthew Doering Male 29 Round Rock, TX
meg cawley Female 29 L Eander, TX
Michael Paz Male 44 Austin, TX
Michelle Cleveland Female 44 Austin, TX
Michelle Guerrero Female 45 Pipe Creek, TX
Michelle Chait Female 35 Denver, CO
Mike Elliott Male 58 Thrall, TX
Olga Hunter Female 44 Garland, TX
Pam Harght Female 36 Austin, TX
Paul Rademacher Male 35 Austin, TX
Rachel Barosh Female 31 Austin, TX
Rebecca Cardenas Female 44 Austin, TX
Rebecca McGillick Female 52 Austin, TX
Rich Colfack Male 49 Austin, TX
Robert Knorr Male 0 Austin, TX
Sanami Fottral Female 40 San Antonio, TX
Scott Gray Male 40 Georgetown, TX
Scott Brizendine Male 33 Killeen , TX
Stefanie Taniguchi Female 43 Irving , TX
Stephen Crowder Male 29 Houston, TX
STEVE GRANT Male 55 Cedar Park, TX
Sydney Benator Female 23 Austin, TX
Todd Fariss Male 47 Frisco, TX
Tracy Sutton Female 34 Austin, TX
Travis Jones Male 34 Austin, TX
Trey Hamlett Male 60 Lockhart, TX
Ventura Gallegos Male 45 Bruceville , TX
Vicky Pabon Female 33 Houston, TX
Woody Sitz Male 37 Liberty Hill, TX