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Aurora 10/20/30

Aurora 10-Miler - ($70) Aurora 30-Miler - ($110) Aurora 20-Miler - ($95) Aurora 30-Mile Relay - ($70)
Saturday February 19, 2022

Run through the beautiful, rugged single track trails of Lost Maples

Participants for Aurora 10/20/30 Aurora 30-Mile Relay (2022)

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First Name Last Name Division Age City Team Name
Carrie Leigh Female 40 Austin, TX No Grimmace
Casey Runnestrand Male 39 Austin, TX Team No Grimace
Dan Faulkner Male 55 Arlington , TX Trip Hazzards
Ed Brown Male 60 Arlington, TX Trip Hazards
Glenn Reed Male 56 Austin, TX Team No Grimace
Mike Aranas Male 49 Fort Worth , TX Trip Hazzards