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Aurora 10/20/30

Aurora 20-Miler - ($95) Aurora 30-Miler - ($110) Aurora 10-Miler - ($70) Aurora 30-Mile Relay - ($70)
Saturday February 20, 2021

A true test of the human spirit and propensity to explore.

Participants for Aurora 10/20/30 Aurora 30-Mile Relay (2021)

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First Name Last Name Division Age City Team Name
Carrie Leigh Female 39 Austin Tx, TX No grimace
Casey Runnestrand Male 38 Austin, TX No Grimace
Christina Torres Female 38 Corpus Christi, TX What the Hills!!
Clay Hagedorn Male 30 Corpus Christi, TX What the Hill
David Torres Jr Male 39 Corpus Christi , TX What the Hills!
Elizabeth Ridpath Female 43 Austin, TX Dirty Chicks
Farrah Keeler Female 43 Austin, TX Dirty Chicks
Glenn Reed Male 55 Austin, TX No Grimace
Rebecca Cardenas Female 45 Austin, TX Dirty Chicks