aurora 10/20

10-miler & 20-Miler

@ Lost Maples state natural area: Vanderpool, TX

Saturday, May 18, 2019




why is it named

"The aurora" ?

This is not a typical trail race. Please allow us to explain. The Aurora 10/20 race is inspired by the Ross Sea Party (the lesser known half of Ernest Shackleton's famed 1914 Antarctic exploration mission known as the Endurance) and born out of our desire to help the trail runners we interact with hone their craft.

The Ross Sea Party was tasked to land on the southern edge of the Antarctic continent (at the Ross Sea) and make a series of supply drops that the main expedition would be able to consume as they made their Trans-Antarctic journey from the northern edge of the continent (The Weddell Sea) across the south pole and, ultimately, to the Ross Sea. Enduring unimaginable hardships and setbacks did not deter the members of the Ross Sea Party. They ultimately completed their mission, though it proved a futile effort in the end.

The entirety of the Endurance mission is a testament to human fortitude and our natural proclivity to explore and wander. We believe these inherent human traits of resilience, survival, exploration, and navigation should not be forgotten. That's why we created the Aurora 10/20 race. The Aurora race course will be unmarked and supplied only with water. But don't worry, we will arm you with a map and some basic navigation skills to help you find your way (should you chose to take our lessons).

Now, you might be thinking, "wait a minute, The Endurance is as famous for being a failure as it is for being one of the boldest expeditions in human history." This is true. For some of you, this adventure may be a great success and an experience of adventure and self-discovery. For others, this adventure may be a disaster. You may get lost, you may not find all your way points, or you may not even finish the race. Sometimes, that's the harsh reality we confront in the face of adventure. Just remember, every failure in life is an opportunity to learn and become a better version of yourself. Finally, the Aurora namesake is also a symbol of optimism. Keep in mind that despite the legendary hardship and failure of the Endurance mission, the Ross Sea Party mission was ultimately successful.

race day schedule

Race Day Activities Start Time
20-Miler 6:30 am
10-Miler 7:30 am
Brunchfast 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Race information

No pacers allowed
Every racer MUST start with a water carrier. You must either have at least one water bottle or a hydration vest/hydration pack.
Our course preview and orienteering brief will be 5:00 pm Friday, May 17.

Race Distance Racer Check-In Race Brief Race Start Race Cutoff
20-Miler Friday 6:00 - 8:00 pm or Saturday 5:45 - 6:15 am 6:15 am 6:30 am 12:30 PM (6 hours ~ 18:00/mile pace)
10-Miler Friday 6:00 - 8:00 pm or Saturday 6:30 - 7:15 am 7:15 am 7:30 am 12:30 PM (5 hours ~ 30:00/mile pace)
Sunrise @ 6:45 am Sunset @ 8:25 pm

race course

The race is run on a 10 mile loop course. The 10-Miler runs one lap of the course while the 20-Miler runs two laps of the course. This is a rugged, ever changing and vertically challenging race course. Do not understimate the effort and skill required to compete in this race.
We will not provide a course map until you arrive on sight. We strongly encourage you to attend our course preview and introdctory orienteering brief at at 5:00 pm on Friday night. If you can't be onsite Friday night, don't fret. We will provide a live orienteering seminar prior to the race and provide the recording for those who cannot watch live.
To ensure that each racer has covered the course in its entirety, we will have check points. At each check point, you will be responsible for grabbing a foreign coin, keeping it with you, and returning safely to the start/finish. Give us all your coins at the finish, and we will give you a finisher's time and finisher's swag in exchange. Those missing a coin will be given the option to go back on the course to get it or take a DNF. Gotta' keep you honest!


race results

2019 Complete Results

course records

Race Distance Women's Record Men's Record
20-Miler TBD TBD
10-Miler TBD TBD

race photos

2019 Race Photos



  1. Every racer MUST have a water bottle or hydration vest. The distance between aid stations will never be more than 5 miles but there will only be water on the course so supplemental nutrition will be critical.

  2. We love dogs, cats, parakeets, and goldfish just as much as you, but they won't be allowed to join you on the race course.

  3. Pacers are not allowed for this race.

  4. You race swag is earned only by finishing your race. We have some amazing stuff we will be thrilled to send you home with...but only after you cross that finish line. And earn it!

  5. We can't give refunds or transfers. Once you purchase your race entry, we pay the land owners for your park pass, buy your t-shirt or hat, pay the insurance company,  pay the timing company and photographer,  and on. That said, we're still very reasonable people and want to help you out. If you write a compelling request, we'll give you a discount to a future race.

  6. No cutting the course (ie CHEATING). Some days just aren't your day to race well. Realizing and respecting that bad race day by dropping out is WAY cooler than getting caught cheating. Oh, and if (when) we catch you, you will be asked to not race with us again. Ever.

  7. We prefer you run without them, but if you're going to wear headphones, use only one earbud or turn it way down. You have to hear people trying to communicate with you. We have had a runner take off in the complete wrong direction just because she couldn't hear us screaming at her to stop. Her loss.

  8. Most of the trails are single track or very narrow, so get used to saying "ON YOUR LEFT" when you pass. It also never hurts to tell that person something encouraging like, "NICE JOB". And while you're on a kind streak, a big "THANK YOU" to the volunteers is golden and earns you an extra beer.

  9. If we have to postpone the race due to weather, we will push the race back to that afternoon or into the next day. We aren't afraid of a downpour, but we don't mess with lightning or hurricanes...or Sharknato.