Join us for a  trail training program through Rogue Running in Austin, Texas that will introduce you to new trails, teach you how to navigate them, and prepare you for longer, faster miles. This training program covers strength training, mobility drills, nutrition, gear, speed workouts, and gives you "homework" to do outside of our group training sessions. With three experienced trail runners coaching you, you'll get plenty of one-on-one attention.

We are currently training for the Rogue Trail Series and a variety of other races. Those in the training program will get discounts on several of these races. Race distance options range from 10k - 50 milers, though we can prepare you to run 100k and 100 milers. We accommodate novice to advanced trail runners, including hikers that want to be exposed to more trails. 

Start Date: wednesday, february 1st

End Date: Saturday, May 27th

2 training sessions per week x 17 weeks = $357 ($21/week)

1 training session per week x 17 weeks = $238 ($14/week)

17 weeks total. Program pricing can be broken into monthly installments! The class does not cap or close. JOIN ANYTIME!



Wednesday  (track workouts, fartlek drills, hill repeats...)    5:30am         at The Speed Shop  (410 Pressler, Austin, TX)        Coached by Brandon Ostrander

Saturday   (long trail run)     (6:00 am long-run option)  7:00 am  group start      Location changes weekly.    Coached by Devon Kiernan, Brandon Ostrander, and Mallory Brooks



After a week of hard training in Austin,  we recover at Athletic Outcomes.

...and we invite you to join us whenever you can!

Think: cold dip tub, compression boots, bottomless tea/coffee, and a rowdy bunch of runners