The Game :   5k + last man standing race

Every Saturday after Thanksgiving, grab some left overs and leave behind awkward family conversation to try your hand at our game.

Run a single 5k or commit to running until you just can't run anymore. At 8 AM, everyone will line up at the start line, regardless of how many loops you plan to do. If you make it back in 45 minutes, you are eligible to line up to race again. We will continue that until there is a single racer left standing. It's you against your competitors, and speedy legs will only get you so far. You need strategy; you need a plan; most of all, you just need to keep running.

cost: $40

This includes your park entrance fee, parking, and aid at the start/finish. Covers all distances. No medals, no shirts, just racing. 

awards: 50% of race fees will be awarded as prize money

The single overall winner, regardless of how long you are out there (no minimum hours completed), will receive 25% of all registration fees. To win, you must be the single, last person who completed a 5k loop in 45 minutes. 

Throughout the race, we will announce certain loops as "primes". In that specific loop, the top male and female will both be awarded with a prize and cash, which will amount to 25% of race registration fees. These specific loops will be kept a secret until race day.


Rules of The Game:

- Line up at 8:00 am sharp.

- Be back to the start line in 45 minutes (minimum 15 min/mile pace). Every 45 minutes after the start, we will flip a coin to determine which direction you will run the loop. 

- No pacers

- Aid will only be provided and can only be received at the start/finish

- To win, you must be the only person left standing, the last runner, everyone else has gone home...