Vagabond Time Trial Series ( Aug, Sept, Oct )


Vagabond Time Trial Series ( Aug, Sept, Oct )

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"Not all those who wander are lost"

This covers your vagabond dues. We put this towards your t-shirt, other swag, and the after parties (5-7 pm Tues) that follow each! Remember: this is not a race. Just a chance to show us how fast your legs can get from point A to point B and give you something familiar to talk to each other about afterwards!


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This covers your three months of Vagabond Time Trials (every first Sun/Mon/Tues of the month) and their following after parties.


August 6th - 8th (Happy Hour Aug 8th)

September 3rd - 5th (Happy Hour Sept 5th)

October 1st - 3rd (Happy Hour Oct 3rd)